Methodical work

Currently, at the Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases are trained the following courses:
* 1, 3 courses of medical faculty
* 1, 3 courses of medical and pedagogical faculty

1st year students of medical and medical-pedagogical faculties study the subject “Introduction to the clinic: General care of patients of therapeutic profile”. The program on General care of patients aims to teach students the qualified care of patients, the basic principles of medical ethics and deontology, as well as the ability to use medical equipment. The course consists of practical classes, which are held weekly once a week (6 training hours) and lectures. Classes are held in specialized departments 1 and 3 TMA clinics, which are the clinical base of the Department.
In the 3rd year students of medical and medical-pedagogical faculties study the subject of propaedeutics of internal diseases. In the process of studying this subject, students develop important professional skills of examination of the patient, the basics of clinical thinking, as well as medical ethics and deontology. The course includes practical classes and lectures. To perform the tasks set before the course, practical classes are held in the departments of therapeutic profile 1 and 3 clinics of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Actively introducing elements of OSCE simulational training. At the end of the course, students defend academic medical records on the systems and pass intermediate and final controls on the subject.
At the Department in the format of postgraduate education are trained clinical residents and masters in the direction of “Dietology”.
Bibliography of educational literature prepared by the staff of the Department (for the last 5 years) includes: textbook “Propedeutics of internal diseases”, “Shifokorvabemor”, “Tibbietkasbigakirish”, monographs, more than 60 teaching AIDS (recommendations).