The rationale for maintaining human health is a science that bases a balanced coverage of the replacement of microelements and other substances in the fluid concentration spent on the metabolism,which is the energy value and the energy of Human Nutrition ,nutrients, components that are considered to be a healthy diet, nutriciology science, which studies the organization of a steamer diet, is called dietology, in order to ensure the effectiveness of procedures in various diseases and prevent a disease attack and protect the diseased organ.

History of  Professor  M.I.Pevzners carte

Professor M.I.Pevsner  at the spa clinic, owned by the people’s Commissariat of Health in 1921.I. In the special section with 75 seats designed to treat diseases of the digestive organs and the method of parsing was organized. According to the diagnosis of patients in this institution developed dishes of diet for treatment. In the year 1924, Essentuki later opened its first dishes of diet in other resort towns. In 1929, the Central Scientific Nutrition Institute was established in Moscow, a special department for patients was opened in the clinic. This was done scientifically based on the work on the creation of culinary invitations on a full scale in the hospital.

Development of scientific directions of healthy nutrition in Uzbekistan.

In 1934, the Department of nutrition hygiene at the scientific research institute of sanitary hygiene was established in Uzbekistan and the team carried out scientific research in ensuring effective nutrition of children. Prof, a master of Science and Technology, served in Uzbekistan.  With D.I.Maxkamov’s Department team, first explored the feeding of rural people in Uzbekistan, conducting research on the needs of metabolism and strength of matter in hot climatic conditions.

A member of the honored science figure in Uzbekistan, FA of Uzssr,Prof. Asarov A.A. In 1945-1970, members of the digestive tract created a direction of diet therapy consisting of diagnosis, treatment and local products.

Development of scientific directions of healthy nutrition in Uzbekistan.

Currently, the work on the basis of the plan is underway to prepare personnel in the magistracy and clinical internship on the specialty of healthy nutrition and dietology, the creation and development of educational programs in this direction in the baccalaureate.

On the basis of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “on further improvement of measures carried out in the field of healthy nutrition of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, it was planned to carry out measures to improve healthy nutrition among the population and establish a training and scientific center of Dietology under the TMA.

The application of dietology in the scientific approach is responsible for the improvement of the impact of treatments in the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the future of mastering in the process of teaching clinical sciences.

Master’s degree in dietology is envisaged to improve the effectiveness of pedagogical technologies in the educational process,professional training of Masters with the application of ICT.

The subject test is recommended to the master of the situational issue.Under the evaluation criterion are mainly pronounced activity, theoretical knowledge, test evaluative three estimations, and their comrades.



In the effective organization of the educational process of the master’s degree in dietology, methods of medical statistics are used in the field of pedagogical technologies, the introduction of ICT, the formation of masters of scientific research.

Information plan:

1.The structure of the graduate training process.

2.The structure of the organization of seminars, scientific research work (rotation), scientific pedagogical activity, master’s thesis scientific research lessons.

3.Introduction of pedagogical technologies, evidence-based methods of Medicine, information communication technologies into the process of Master’s education.

4.Methods for checking theoretical and practical knowledge.

Theoretical seminar

Theoretical seminars are held in the department twice per week, based on the thematic and syllabic plan of the calendar.


In mastering the subject, theoretical knowledge collected by the master is considered and theoretical knowledge is achieved through the use of pedagogical technologies (conceptual tables, cluster, pyramid schemes, swot). Theoretical information collected by the master is collected in the volume of theoretical data of the Loopbook – master.

Scientific research work (rotation)

Scientific research work (rotation) is carried out in the manner of mastering and mastering the practical skills in clinical bases and laboratories on the basis of concluded contracts for the direction of Master specialization at the beginning of the academic year. In the Departments of the clinic for the subject of dietology-work with patients,appointment and provision of dietary nutrition,acquaintance with the process of preparation and distribution of dishes, direct participation in the same process is required. Estimation is carried out by determining the number of practical skills, quality of execution.


In the effective organization of the educational process of the master’s degree in dietology, methods of medical statistics are used in the field of pedagogical technologies, the introduction of ICT, the formation of masters of scientific research.





Scientific pedagogical activity

Since one of the main goals of the magistracy is the preparation of scientific pedagogical quadrants ,the master is occupied with the basics of pedagogy,familiarity with the process of working with expats, organizing practical classes and lectures is introduced in the Department. For estimation, it is assumed that by the master illuminates the relevant topic using pedagogical technologies ,the ability to organize, the use of pedagogical methods.

Master’s thesis work

Masters will be able to determine the problems on the approved topic and acquire the skills of scientific research on the basis of a personal plan to find solutions to them. The scientific research process is carried out in accordance with the personal plan on the subject of the scientific master’s dissertation, approved by the Scientific Council and on the subject of problems, the statistical analysis of the scientific researches carried out, the publication of scientific conclusions and the preparation of the Charter at the end of the master’s degree.